The tire is cut in half so that you can make two in the event that you need them. You simply paint the tire and after that add the sand. Tractor tires work best in the event that you have them as they are a little larger than car and truck tires. A carriage wheel functions as a wine bottle holder, and it has envisioned a whole bar zone around its ideal round form. You may also use an old bicycle wheel to create a great decoration for your property. You desire an equal quantity of axle showing on each end. You will have to bolt them with each other to make them safe but it takes very little time and this is something you can create for free if you currently have tires and paint on hand.

Besides the tire (or several tires if you would like to create a graduated pond) you will require garden foil, gravel or pebbles, sand and a couple plants and other supplies you may have already or you can grab at the local gardening center. For those who have really been wanting a garden pond but those kits just seem somewhat expensive, utilize those previous tires to create a lovely pond that will cost you quite little. This is a really simple way to get that relaxing garden pond without having to spend a fortune and you may build it into a weekend.